FITTEAM GLOBAL is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The company was founded by Christopher Hummel in October 2014. However, it officially launched in January of 2015 in the United States and Puerto Rico and officially launched in Canada August 2019.

Christopher Hummel’s significant amount of experience in the Network Marketing / Direct Sales industry led him to surround himself with experienced management with credibility, integrity and the commitment to growing a worldwide presence.

FITTEAM’s business model is based on “referral based marketing” and it provides a compensation plan for “Brand Partners” who want to create an additional income stream by promoting FITTEAM products.

The Products

FITTEAM currently has 3 products. All products are USDA Certified Organic and conveniently packaged in single-serving packets.


The company’s leading product is called FITTEAM FIT – FIT is a great tasting, all-natural beverage with a revolutionary blend of ingredients that help boost your energy, lift your mood, control your appetite and aid in fat loss.

It is the only ORGANIC energy powder on the market. It is USDA certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free, lactose free, soy free, and vegan friendly. Also, it is kosher certified and full of antioxidant benefits.

FIT comes in a single-serving packet, referred to as “FITSTICKS” and all you have to do is open it up and mix it with 6-10 oz of water and you’re good to go.



The company’s second product is called LEAN, which is a vanilla-flavored protein powder.

LEAN is a plant-based protein that helps promote muscle development and a healthy metabolism.

Similar to FIT, it conveniently comes in individual packs and is also USDA Certified Organic.

It can be consumed by mixing it with water, almond milk, low-fat milk, or your favorite liquid. Something to note is that LEAN is not a meal replacement protein powder. However, you can use it as such by adding LEAN to your smoothies that contain additional nutrition (fruits, veggies, etc.).


The third product in the FITTEAM product-line is called HYDRATE. It is a natural hydration product designed to restore and replenish your body through optimal hydration.


Once again, the company wanted to keep the portability and convenience by also packaging this product in individual stick packs.

As the other products, it is also USDA Certified Organic.

When you recommend any of the FITTEAM products to others, you have the opportunity to participate in the company’s compensation plan and create for yourself a lifestyle business that you can run from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world.

Brand Partner Opportunity


As a FITTEAM Brand Partner, individuals have the opportunity to participate in the company’s compensation plan and earn additional income.

The way FITTEAM products are marketed is through word of mouth and referrals. This is known as direct sales, network marketing, or relationship marketing.

By referring FITTEAM products to others, the company pays you a referral fee. As you continue to build your business, your income grows as you make residual commissions. This is a lucrative business model that can earn you anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars a month, to a few thousands dollars per month, to a 6&7 figure residual income, all based on your desire to be successful.

Unlike a traditional business where there’s a small fortune or thousands of dollars required to get started, there are different enrollment packages that make it very easy for anyone to get started today with FITTEAM.

FITTEAM Compensation – Ways to Earn

The FITTEAM compensation plan includes at least 7 ways to earn income/commissions.

1. Retail Commissions

2. First Order Bonus

3. 3 for FREE Program

4. Fast Start Bonus

5. Residual Commissions

6. Bonus Pools

7. Event Rewards

At FITTEAM, we offer a lot of support when it comes to HOW to share our product and Brand Partnership opportunity. There’s a specific system in place and process to follow . . . So when you get started, you will know exactly what to do to launch your business.

The FITTEAM, training and support system includes weekly team and training calls, LIVE events, and dedicated Facebook groups where leaders are there to provide guidance and mentor-ship by answering questions you may have along the way.

In addition to working closely with your sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to follow the FITTEAM 10-Steps to Getting Started and review training resources within their training site.

How to Get Started

Lastly, there are 3 ways to get involved with FITTEAM.

1. Retail Customer

2. Preferred Customer

3. Brand Partner